In-development sci-fi game

This is a sci-fi game with fully physics-based movement and interactions, custom shaders and an advanced hand posing system, which I’m currently developing for the Oculus Quest 2. The interaction system allows for realistic object behavior, taking into account each object’s weight and moment of inertia. The main shader allows for tinted shadows, stylized effects, metalness, smoothenss, emission, alpha cutout and normal mapping with multiple lights and uses only one high resolution texture, a normal map and three color palettes for all objects in the game.

One of the gadgets available in the game:
A physics-based, procedurally animated monster attacking a test target and avoiding obstacles:

One of the items available in the game (with physics-based recoil and interactions):

Physics-based movement demo with dynamic hand posing:

Interaction and shader demo (objects with different weights and textures):